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December 02 2015


Tips Memasak Acar Kuning Segar dan Simple

Tips Memasak Acar Kuning Segar dan Simple - If denger Sekoteng, definitely our mind that there is a warm beverages served or sold on a regular night. but if you hear the word ice sekoteng how? Ice sekoteng that we can meet in Bogor is a dessert that tebuat of young campurankelapa, sekoteng, and avocados, instead of using ginger sauce, instead poured over ice shavings into the bowl and then add liquid sugar and sweetened condensed milk.
Ice Sekoteng buffer is one seller of resep acar kuning timun wortel ice sekoteng which is always crowded by visitors. Sekoteng ice is already very popular both by the citizens of Bogor sendri as well as by the tourists who visit to Bogor. Although porses making fairly simple, but Ice Sekoteng this buffer has its own sense of freshness that can invite a lot of visitors, even indirectly become a magnet for traders to start selling similar nearby. Only with Rp. 8000 we could enjoy the fresh delights Ice Sekoteng this buffer.
Enjoying Ice Sekoteng, will feel pleasure when resep ikan patin bumbu kuning accompanied by a serving of dumplings buffer. It has a texture buffer dumplings dumplings were tasty and chewy. Dumplings typical seasoning is also very pronounced pleasures. Although a narrow place and sit on a hard bench. But after both delicious food is in sight emua was ignored again.

Free mumpung treated to equal the lady who Hedon kulineran matter, I do not miss this opportunity to get a menu of the most favorite for me at sushi tei; Jumbo Dragon Roll, fusion sushi with tempura shrimp and avocado unagi plus that tastes ... beuh! Top banget deh while acungin two thumbs up !! the first mouthful nyadar not just fire me if my tears melted sangking senengnya. Maybe a little lebay, but still reasonable because sushi is as good as it was at a price that is super expensive but I dapetinnya free, happy to the moon and back!

Varian Rasa Es Krim Yang Menyegarkan

Varian Rasa Es Krim Yang Menyegarkan - Jogja as it feels warm city is the grip that can not be replaced. Day and night for 24 hours we would easily meet the seller in every corner of the city, either in the shop or restaurant lesehan comfortable. Young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk and brown sugar for hours until it feels legit become mandatory menu for tourists who come.

However, did you know resep es krim that not only young jackfruit that can be warm? Have heard about gudeg of material interest young coconut? He gudeg manggar, names less famous than warm jackfruit. Its existence was now rare. But it certainly is not rare special?

Manggar gudeg history resep pancake praktis dan mudah is a long story, almost the entire 500-year history of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom. An empire that once ruled almost the entire area of Java and Madura. The story begins with Sekar Pembayun, daughter Panembahan Senopati successfully marrying Ki Ageng Mangir Wanabaya, Mangiran local authorities who want to conquer her father. While living in this area, Sekar Pembayun see there are many coconut trees that grow. So he took the initiative to cultivate the flowers for food. Mother Mooryati Soedibyo, a traditional beauty of this palace once relatives say that eating warm manggar can bring inner and outer beauty or smooth in terms Javanese.

Although warm manggar culinary heritage Jogja is a rare, but that does not mean we can not enjoy it. Come to Bantul, the hometown of this special culinary. Eating home Sambangilah manggar Manding, here we can enjoy a delicious dish of warm manggar. Interest a young coconut tree cooked with coconut milk and various spices up for hours. Manggar are easily destroyed also need patience in order to make it still feels its texture. Only the portion of greatest patience gudeg manggar served with vegetables and marinated tofu krecek we can enjoy. In contrast to the warm jackfruit generally feels legit, warm manggar Manding offers warm savory flavor friendly to the tongue.

The place was spacious and clean also very suitable when we want to bring a colleague or group. Availability of meeting space makes it possible to hold the event without puzzling over consumer affairs because here too there are several other menus are no less delicious. Try organic carp carp result of farmers who raise the fish without contamination with processed feed mill. To drink tea do not miss the shells, tea mixed with various spices is delicious served cold or hot.

Saat Lebaran Bikin Sate Padang Kecap

Saat Lebaran Bikin Sate Padang Kecap - Sate Goat Mbah Margo almost the same age with the age of the Republic of Indonesia. Here, Mbah Margo is not just selling satay, but some processed meats such as tongseng goat, curry and tengkleng. Although it looks simple, satay stall that once the residence Mbah Margo has pelaggan still coming from all walks of life, from ordinary people to the officials.

While waiting for orders to come, tried to http://www.resepmasakanlengkap.com/2015/09/resep-sate-padang.html talk briefly with him who was sitting on the "throne". Mbah Margo was always happy to tell with customers satenya, while waiting for their orders completed. With a voice softly before he told me that his business success like this, she and her husband had to walk around the village to sell in order to support her five children. Years later, in 1965, the pair managed to establish a satay stall in the house which was then a rented house. This effort continues to grow until it is today.

Fragrant aroma of meat interrupting our conversation. A plate of satay and tongseng as well as a basket of white rice fluffier presented in the table. Mbah Margo invited to enjoy a typical dish in the stall. In contrast to most of the satay stall, satay here presented without tusuknya. Goat meat is intentionally removed from tusuknya when served so easily enjoyed.

Mutton taste delicious without http://www.resepmasakanlengkap.com/2014/09/resep-rawon.html excessive seasoning successful swing tongue. If observed, this goat satay skewers klathak burned similar to typical Imogiri, with iron bars. However, here, this satay sauce sprinkled with soy sauce and served complete with chopped cabbage and onion are no less delicious.

After enjoying the satay, it's time to taste tongsengnya. Tongseng spice blend is noticeably different from the first mouthful. The joy of tender goat meat mixed with sauce tongseng thick but still feels so fresh kick in the mouth. The delicious sweet and fitting, so it can not stop until the last mouthful. Day went in the afternoon, satay and tongseng has filled the stomach. A glass of warm lemon becomes a perfect cover.

August 21 2015


How wo make sweet donat kentang

How wo make donat kentang empuk - How wo make sweet donat kentang - Provides Recipe Potato Doughnuts are formulated by professionals in the field of making donuts for free. This recipe has been tested several times can result in potato donuts are soft and tender. But before that let us consider a review of the site ResepDonatKentang.com that we love.

Donat was the food that much-loved by all people. Be it children, teenagers, and parents though. In addition to its varied and unique, donuts also has a lot of different tastes. Round shape with a hole in the middle characterizes this donut. In addition, a very diverse toping also further increase the variety of http://www.resepmasakanlengkap.com/2014/07/resep-donat-kentang.html donuts there and the main attraction. Not to mention, the basic material donuts are also diverse. However, we will discuss this time is the potato donuts. Potato donut has a very tender and tasty. There are many potato donut recipes that you can try and you praktikan yourself at home.

Potato donuts not only have a variety of toppings, the content of the potato donuts also was also very diverse. Not one that many people who claim to not be bored to eat donuts, because there are so many options available that is certainly the taste is different. Potato donut recipe itself there are several kinds, namely donuts baked potato, steamed potato donuts, donuts and fries. During this time, the most popular is the donut fries. It feels soft, tender, and delicious from the donuts fried potatoes accompanied savory sweetness. However, not a few people who like donuts steamed and baked donuts. Please choose a potato donut recipes available on our site.

Further in the previous discussion, to the famous http://www.resepmasakanlengkap.com/2014/10/resep-bolu-gulung.html potato donut recipe greatness feels like Dunkin Donuts, Donuts JCO, and Donat NCC. Currently, all types of potato donuts that he is very good and you can make this delicious and production at home. Therefore, the secret recipe, ingredients and ways of making donuts potatoes are tender and delicious it has now been leaked. This is a huge advantage for us so that we can try and practice his own recipe. For toping problem, you can use melted chocolate, powdered sugar, messes, and also a variety of tasty nuts. If you intend to make the donuts for the little pieces of your heart, toping colors may be the most appropriate choice.

October 08 2014


How to make delicious and crispy kentang goreng

How to make delicious and crispy kentang goreng - The fries are crispy crunchy dish often served as a complement or companion menu. Processed chips were crisp or dry also delicious when eaten directly as snacks dipped in chili sauce alone. Here are easy tips and simple resep kentang goreng and savory to complement the daily diet at home. But sometimes we are annoyed because we've just potatoes fried already drenched or lemes after cooking, not crunchy anymore. Well, I love know how to fry potatoes in order to stay crisp for long periods without additional preservatives. Crunchy and savory dish for special offerings at the family home. While the atmosphere is relaxed, gathered together with family, deliciously crunchy and crispy potato gurihnya will add warmth and atmosphere to gather frolic. Manufacture almost the same as resep tahu isi the contents because both fried.

The material
1 kg potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces and then wash
3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
water, salt and cornstarch taste

How to make it
Cook until the water boils, put the potatoes and boiled briefly with garlic and salt for about 2-3 minutes. Remove and drain.
Sprinkle with cornstarch until evenly distributed, then put in a plastic simapan in the freezer for overnight.
Fry in hot oil that many (new oil) until the potatoes are submerged everything until crisp, remove and drain and serve immediately while hot

How to cook tasty kari ayam

How to cook tasty kari ayam - Types of chicken dishes is consumed by many people. In addition to its affordability, its nutrient content is also high. If you want to make a dish with chicken flavor is thick, the chicken curry dish with condiments be a fitting choice. Resep kari ayam indonesian is one of my favorite Indonesian recipes are much sought after by the people of Indonesia. In addition to its ingredients that can be easily in our country, it tastes good and also make a delicious authentic Indian curry recipe can be accepted easily by our tongue. One of the distinguishing Indian chicken curry with Indonesian chicken curry spices is its usage of materials is quite complete. Maybe this time you can also give soy resep ayam kecap that will be discussed in a later article.

The material
1 chicken (clean and cut into pieces according to taste).
500 ml coconut milk.
2 pieces of large size potatoes (cut into cubes).
2 kaffir lime leaves.
1 stalk lemongrass (crushed).
Fine salt to taste.
Flavoring to taste.
Cooking Oil to taste.
Fried onions addition

Seasoned mashed
2 spring onions.
2 cloves of garlic.
1 vertebra turmeric approximately 2 cm.
1 vertebra ginger approximately 2 cm.
2 grains of hazelnut.
1/2 tbsp cumin

How to cook
Boil chicken which has been cut earlier until tender then remove and set aside.
Furthermore, saute all seasoning ingredients are mashed together with kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass until fragrant 1.
After that, pour the coconut milk and stir into the potato pieces before the spices along with chunks of chicken stew.
Also give additional condiments such as salt and flavoring it feels smooth and cook all ingredients until completely cooked and well blended.
Last sajikankari chicken in a serving bowl and sprinkle the top also with fried onions

How to cook the most delicious meat rawon

How to cook the most delicious meat rawon - Rawon or usually called Resep Rawon (this is because it is usually served along with rice rawon) is one of the menu like beef stew but with a distinctive flavor that is kluwek. Basically these people during rawon know is one of the typical food of Surabaya and other cities in East Java, but actually there are a wide variety of other areas such as in Central Java or Surakarta tepatya well-known with Rawon. The meat used to make the majority rawon is beef. Create a world of internet friends who want to try rawon, below I will write about the recipes, namely how to make rawon. Please try also to make a Resep Sambal Terasi to taste of this rawon food taste better.

The material
300 grams of beef, cut into cubes (optional)
4 sheets of orange leaves
2 bay leaves
1 stalk lemongrass, crushed
2 cm galangal, crushed
salt and pepper to taste
6 cups water
Oil for sauteing

Seasoned mashed
4 red onions
2 cloves of garlic
4 items hazelnut
5 pieces of beef stew, take it
2 red chilies, discard contents

How to make it
Heat 2 tablespoons oil, stir-fry seasoning that has been mashed with lemon grass, galangal, bay leaves and lime leaves hinga fragrant. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Furthermore, boiled 6 cups water in a pot that has been pan-fried spice insert, insert meat, cooked or boiled until the meat is quite tender. Add water as needed.
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